Compass Rose :: Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele

The highlight of these Ukuleles is their availability in Walnut or Santa Cruz Sycamore. During development, Rick stated that "it was a real surprise how good both woods sounded, neither one considered a traditional tone wood." The Tenor Uke features a cantilevered exteneded fingerboard, a fan-braced top, and the familiar Turner/Renaissance "A" line peghead.

SpecificationsTENOR UKULELE
ModelCompass Rose Tenor Ukulele
Nut Width1-3/8"
String Span @ Bridge1-5/8"
Fingerboard RadiusFlat
Neck DesignBolt-on neck with cantilevered fingerboard
Optional Electronics18V Timberline System, customized for our ukuleles, complete with external power box and cables
standard woodAll mahogany body with rosewood bridge