Profile of Barry

Barry Scott Pearlman

At the end of 1949, when I came into this world, things were changing faster than ever before. Radio, our Godsend, was overshadowed by Television. (Thank the Stars for the TV Westerns of the ‘50’s) So I was a naïve cowboy identity kid in upstate New York, until I ventured to Brooklyn for extended living times with my Grandmother. As a second generation American, with all four grandparents’ émigrés from the Yiddish part of the Ukraine, I made up lots of my own rules and guidelines. Some worked, some didn’t.

Brooklyn in the ‘50’s was like a Carnival to me as a kid, so I couldn’t wait to get back there from upstate and I hit New York University in 1967. Renowned professors, lots of work, holding down a job while going to school, and living through the days of Fillmore East, Be-Ins, playing and listening and Village Clubs all prepared me for Berkeley. I moved there after the Baccalaureate to apply it well to my new job selling sleeping bags in a Telegraph Avenue boutique.

There was my long, successful career with Sierra Designs; an original Berkeley based Outdoor Outfitters. Then, a deep interest in small town life emerged and was pursued when my spouse and I moved to Carmel, California and operated a small, neighborhood Café, while having our son. We moved around to the north side of the Monterey Bay mid ‘80’s, where my career in Hospitality Service expanded to operating large restaurants, resorts, and eventually the Stanford University Faculty Club, where I was Director and General Manager for seven years. This fostered many opportunities to make acquaintances with a wide variety of celebrities and distinguished academicians, politicians, laureates, artists, and peculiar and fascinating people. It has served me well.

A surgically disabling procedure occurred in 1999, and I retired until I met Rick and we launched Compass Rose Ukuleles.

Personal Interests
Enjoying great music
Playing Guitar & Ukulele
Teaching Ukulele to kids
Story Telling
Riding my cruiser bike around the beach neighborhoods
Savoring Musical instruments of all varieties
Appreciating fine Single Action Revolvers & guns of the Old West

Some relevant credentials and pursuits over the years
Lifetime Cardinal Member Stanford University Faculty Club
Lifetime member The Single Action Shooting Society
Lifetime Professional Management credential The National Restaurant Association.
Stanford University Faculty Club: Director & General Manager/ 7 years
Gateway School: President, Board of Directors/ 3 years. Member for 7 years
Instructor: Cabrillo Community College/ 2 years
Friends Long Marine Laboratories Board of Directors/ 5 years
Friends of the County Animal Shelter Board of Directors founding member/1 year
Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Santa Cruz County Board of Directors/ 2 years
Producer “The White Album”, Mello Theatre, Fall ‘03
Producer “John Jorgenson at the Kuumba” Spring ‘05