Autumn’s Song

written by barrypearlman

Welcome to October.  So, let’s all sing now: Autumn’s here and the time is right…for dancin’ in the streets!  We all hope so.  The communications I have with our dealers, some of the best shops in the US, indicate the music business is coming back from a tough summer.  We’re staying busy here at Rick [...]

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What’s New on September 15, 2009

written by lanebaldwin

Today we added the following videos to our web site:
A close-up sound clip of a Compass Rose Tenor Ukulele
More on Guitar Building with Rick Turner
Rick discussing the Model 1 and Lindsey Buckingham
Ted Porter/Creekwood – live video with Ted on an RS-6
Paul Kirk performing on an RN-6H
Yours Truly, performing Happy Boy on my RS-6 Deuce
Blogs were [...]

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Rick’s First Post

written by Rick Turner

[Note: Rick sent this first entry while traveling. - ed.]
Welcome to our Rick Turner/Renaissance Guitars blog. Several of us will be contributing here, and we’ll try to cover a range of topics from our philosophy of instrument building to technical articles to some of the music we like to listen to and play around [...]

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