Winding Pickups

written by Eliza

I recently snapped a picture of Rick winding Model 1 pickups just before he left for Australia.  He is in Australia now, teaching (post to follow) a series of Uke building courses at the Cairns Uke Festival.

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Player Activities

written by barrypearlman

Hi, all. Hope you’ve been enjoying the change in seasons. As we hit the deeper part of Autumn, we see some great activity from our customers and players.
One of our favorite artists, Ingrid Michaelson, performed on Good Morning America on the 19th of October as part of the Fall concert series and she was really [...]

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Fun with Videos

written by lanebaldwin

Greetings once again, and welcome back! Before I go too far, I want to debut a couple of videos. These are on our new You Tube channel, and will be embedded into the main site next week. But I just couldn’t wait!
This first one was shot on the last day of my last trip to [...]

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Look for It


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