Player Activities

written by barrypearlman

Hi, all. Hope you’ve been enjoying the change in seasons. As we hit the deeper part of Autumn, we see some great activity from our customers and players.
One of our favorite artists, Ingrid Michaelson, performed on Good Morning America on the 19th of October as part of the Fall concert series and she was really [...]

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Autumn’s Song

written by barrypearlman

Welcome to October.  So, let’s all sing now: Autumn’s here and the time is right…for dancin’ in the streets!  We all hope so.  The communications I have with our dealers, some of the best shops in the US, indicate the music business is coming back from a tough summer.  We’re staying busy here at Rick [...]

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What’s New on September 15, 2009

written by lanebaldwin

Today we added the following videos to our web site:
A close-up sound clip of a Compass Rose Tenor Ukulele
More on Guitar Building with Rick Turner
Rick discussing the Model 1 and Lindsey Buckingham
Ted Porter/Creekwood – live video with Ted on an RS-6
Paul Kirk performing on an RN-6H
Yours Truly, performing Happy Boy on my RS-6 Deuce
Blogs were [...]

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