Janet Robin’s Deuce

written by barrypearlman

Rick, Janet Barry and the Deuce

Rick, Janet Barry, and the Deuce

Last month, we had the privilege of a visit from one of our favorite artists, Janet Robin.

Janet was in town for a solo gig and she was fantastic.  A sold out Don Quixote’s was blissfully full of rocking out music and rocking out fans, old and new.

The following day, Janet came by the shop to pick up her new Renaissance RS6 Deuce.

She was actually an inspiration to us to create this model, with her combination of styles and expression in a rich acoustic vein.  We first met her as a guitarist in Lindsey’s Buckingham’s solo tour band a few years ago and an instant friendship has bloomed as we’ve watched Janet establish her career as a fine singer-songwriter.

Check out Janet Robin, on tour now !

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