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written by lanebaldwin

Greetings, all! Man, have things been busy around here! This morning, as I enjoyed my first cup of coffee, I realized it had been weeks since I posted, so figured I’d better amble on over here and pound out a few words.

I’ve been crazy busy dealing with the main shopping season of the year, as well as preparing for the NAMM show in January. I’ll be representing three companies, including good ol’ RTGC. But boy, oh boy, is there a lot to do to get ready… which is why I started 8 weeks before the show. If you’re in Anaheim for NAMM, I hope we’ll be able to get together for bucket of espresso.

This evening I’m back at Mustard’s Last Stand for Italian Night. Deeper Acoustic – the acoustic version of Deeper Blues provides the entertainment every other month for this special event. It’s always a blast… just about 60 people or so, enjoying great food, great music (I hope!) and lots of wine, wine, wine!

Lane with his RS-6B

Lane with his RS-6B

Here’s a shot of me with my RS-6B baritone guitar. I call this one Bari Sixgun. This is the second instrument Rick and his crew built for me. The maple is just beautiful to behold and it plays like a dream. Another great piece I’ll be using tonight is an Electroline MMP. I’ve been using this one as a demo for the past few weeks. Monday, I send this one back to the factory, but I wanted to play it one last time.

Another cool thing about tonight is that I’ll be meeting fellow bassist Danny Bryant for the first time. Danny’s got a Model 1 Featherweight bass on its way to him, so he’ll definitely be having a nice holiday! He’s several hours away in the mysterious land of Ohio and he’s bringing his wife out to the show. I’ve got to say, I think it’s REALLY COOL that he’s driving all that way just to meet me!

Total change of subject. Let’s talk turkey trimmings for a minute. Yeah, I know we already had thanksgiving, but lots of folks like to have turkey for Christmas, too. So, let me turn you on to a couple of easy cranberry recipes.

First off, it is supremely easy to make fresh cranberry sauce. All you do is bring 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar to a boil. Then, dump in a bag of cranberries. As the cranberries cook, they will begin to split. The more that split, the more sauce and less semi-intact berries you’ll have. All you do is take it off the heat when you’ve got them where you want them.

I like to do them just after the turkey comes out of the oven so they’re nice and warm for the dinner. Later, they’re great chilled. OK… now to the recipes:

Cranberry Walnut Sauce — This one is so easy a bass player can do it! (I resemble that remark.) Take a good handful of chopped walnuts and fold them into the cranberries. Want more? Fine. Add more. The two flavors and “bites” combine perfectly for an easy way to fancy up the plate.

Cranberry Orange Apple Sauce — This one is only a tad more difficult. Put equal amounts of cranberries, apples and oranges in a blender, skin, rind and all. Do NOT peel anything. Take the stem off the apple, and the “top button” off the orange, but leave everything else. It does help to cut the oranges and apples into pieces, but not too small. Keep blending until you have a (mostly) smooth consistency. You’ll still have apple and orange pieces for texture. This one goes in the fridge to chill. The apple adds extra sweetness that compliments the zing of the oranges. And, again, you have an easy way to fancy up the plate.

Want to totally surprise your wife? Get your ingredients together so you’re ready. Make the COA sauce when she’s not looking and hide it in the back of the fridge. When the turkey comes out of the over, do up the CW sauce. First she’ll flip because you’re cooking. Second she’ll flip when you pull out the chilled COA sauce. Who knows? You  might even get an extra gift for Christmas!

OK. Gotta run. It’s 8 in the AM and I need more coffee. Then I need to tackle my Honey-Do list so I’ll have it out of the way tomorrow. Take care everyone and enjoy the holiday season. That’s what it’s for, right?

Until next time, remember,

Every day you play your guitar is a good day!


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  1. matt newman says:

    Will you be taking any pics at the NAMM show.It would be nice to see Rick’s latest offerings.

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