Thinking about Nashville

written by barrypearlman

Brutal weather has just affected the music world this week. Our friends and colleagues in the Nashville area are experiencing disaster from the storms. Homes, businesses and schools have been destroyed in the wake of the floods. There is hard work ahead for many folks and especially in our industry, as Nashville [...]

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Janet Robin’s Deuce

written by barrypearlman

Last month, we had the privilege of a visit from one of our favorite artists, Janet Robin.
Janet was in town for a solo gig and she was fantastic.  A sold out Don Quixote’s was blissfully full of rocking out music and rocking out fans, old and new.
The following day, Janet came [...]

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Player Activities

written by barrypearlman

Hi, all. Hope you’ve been enjoying the change in seasons. As we hit the deeper part of Autumn, we see some great activity from our customers and players.
One of our favorite artists, Ingrid Michaelson, performed on Good Morning America on the 19th of October as part of the Fall concert series and she was really [...]

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Autumn’s Song

written by barrypearlman

Welcome to October.  So, let’s all sing now: Autumn’s here and the time is right…for dancin’ in the streets!  We all hope so.  The communications I have with our dealers, some of the best shops in the US, indicate the music business is coming back from a tough summer.  We’re staying busy here at Rick [...]

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A Quick Hello

written by barrypearlman

Today, I’ll just say “Hi” and thank everyone who has visited our site over the summer.
There’s new stuff every Tuesday, and I want to hear your comments about it.
Please consider sending us your pix for gallery consideration, tell us some interesting stories via the address, and help us build the interest for everyone who [...]

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The RS-6 Deuce

written by barrypearlman

Hey now, Labor Day is past us till next year.  I hope all had a restful weekend and are ready to go.  We are.
With September, we really make our first strong effort to launch the RS6 Deuce model.  This new Renaissance acoustic-electric guitar has a very special feature.  A great magnetic pick up is mounted [...]

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Barry’s First Post

written by barrypearlman

The opportunity to share with our friends in this format is our pleasure.  As players, every one of us here at the Shop, we relate closely to your needs.  The Rick Turner Guitar Company has always been a key problem solving resource in the development of current music sound possibilities.  Hopefully, our new web site [...]

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