The Buddy Holly “RT-43-45” Guitar Project

written by Rick Turner

It’s official: we are building 18 guitars for the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation, a new non-profit organization dedicated to furthering Buddy Holly’s legacy as a singer/songwriter/guitarist and the cause of music education.

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Barry’s First Post

written by barrypearlman

The opportunity to share with our friends in this format is our pleasure.  As players, every one of us here at the Shop, we relate closely to your needs.  The Rick Turner Guitar Company has always been a key problem solving resource in the development of current music sound possibilities.  Hopefully, our new web site [...]

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Fun with Videos

written by lanebaldwin

Greetings once again, and welcome back! Before I go too far, I want to debut a couple of videos. These are on our new You Tube channel, and will be embedded into the main site next week. But I just couldn’t wait!
This first one was shot on the last day of my last trip to [...]

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Hi, There!!

written by lanebaldwin

Hi, there! Glad to meet you! I’m Lane Baldwin, also known in the bass world as Lane on Bass. You may be wondering why I’m here. No worries… I’m going to tell you.
It all started when I purchased my first Renaissance instrument, an RB-5FL. She’s a beauty, I can tell you. (Actually, you can look [...]

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