Two Acoustic Guitar Guides By Rick Turner

written by Eliza

Rick has two new guides in String Letter Publishing’s¬† Acoustic Guitar Guides series,¬
“Acoustic Guitar Care & Maintenance”:
“How To Set Up Your Guitar-Truss Rod Adjustment (Part 1)”
and “How To Set Up Your Guitar-Action Adjustment (Part 2)”
These guides include video and PDF instructions.

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View Recent Newsletter

written by Eliza

The latest  Rick Turner Guitars Newsletter is online.  Have a look and check back on our website  soon for  the opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter mailing list.

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Builder Profile on Premier Guitar

written by Eliza

A good interview and a really nice look at the Henman Guitars and Buddy Holly Project
Builder Profile: Rick Turner on Henman Guitars and the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation
Premier guitar asks: “So out of all the guitars that you’ve made over the years, which one symbolizes the Rick Turner sound? The Model One? The RS [...]

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Rick’s Workshop at Cairns Uke Festival

written by Eliza

(photo by Rob Williams)
(photo by Allen R. McFarlen)
(photo by Rob Williams)
Take a look at more great pictures and discussion on the Australian/New Zealand Luthiers Forum

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Winding Pickups

written by Eliza

I recently snapped a picture of Rick winding Model 1 pickups just before he left for Australia.  He is in Australia now, teaching (post to follow) a series of Uke building courses at the Cairns Uke Festival.

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Blasts from Past, Present, and Future…

written by Rick Turner

Yesterday I went up to San Rafael to a barbecue party at Red Michael’s in honor of my old friend, Sam Cutler , former road manager for the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and Willie Nelson, and whose booking agency, Out of Town Tours, was co-managed by my former wife, Gail.¬† [...]

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The Pretzel Guitar

written by Rick Turner

Here’s the first “neck through” instrument that I made in early 1969, a year before I co-founded Alembic and brought lutherie to that company.¬†¬† I call this “the Pretzel” for obvious reasons, and it was mostly built without the use of power tools other than a Sears electric hand drill and [...]

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I’ve Got Blisters on Me Fingers!

written by Rick Turner

Boy, are my fingers tired! I don’t really have blisters (name that quote, though!) but it sure feels like it. I’ve just spent that last six hours over on the Seymour Duncan forum, answering dozens of questions. That on very little sleep thanks to an emergency call from Sweden, no less.
I had a wonderful time, [...]

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Rick’s First Post

written by Rick Turner

[Note: Rick sent this first entry while traveling. - ed.]
Welcome to our Rick Turner/Renaissance Guitars blog. Several of us will be contributing here, and we’ll try to cover a range of topics from our philosophy of instrument building to technical articles to some of the music we like to listen to and play around [...]

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