Two Acoustic Guitar Guides By Rick Turner

written by Eliza

Rick has two new guides in String Letter Publishing’s  Acoustic Guitar Guides series,
“Acoustic Guitar Care & Maintenance”:
“How To Set Up Your Guitar-Truss Rod Adjustment (Part 1)”
and “How To Set Up Your Guitar-Action Adjustment (Part 2)”
These guides include video and PDF instructions.

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Builder Profile on Premier Guitar

written by Eliza

A good interview and a really nice look at the Henman Guitars and Buddy Holly Project
Builder Profile: Rick Turner on Henman Guitars and the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation
Premier guitar asks: “So out of all the guitars that you’ve made over the years, which one symbolizes the Rick Turner sound? The Model One? The RS [...]

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Rick’s Workshop at Cairns Uke Festival

written by Eliza

(photo by Rob Williams)
(photo by Allen R. McFarlen)
(photo by Rob Williams)
Take a look at more great pictures and discussion on the Australian/New Zealand Luthiers Forum

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The Pretzel Guitar

written by Rick Turner

Here’s the first “neck through” instrument that I made in early 1969, a year before I co-founded Alembic and brought lutherie to that company.   I call this “the Pretzel” for obvious reasons, and it was mostly built without the use of power tools other than a Sears electric hand drill and [...]

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Rick’s First Post

written by Rick Turner

[Note: Rick sent this first entry while traveling. - ed.]
Welcome to our Rick Turner/Renaissance Guitars blog. Several of us will be contributing here, and we’ll try to cover a range of topics from our philosophy of instrument building to technical articles to some of the music we like to listen to and play around [...]

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