Ed Friedland demonstrates the Turner Renaissance 6- String Bass

written by Eliza

“…every note on this bass sounds like gold.”
Ed Friedland “The Bass Whisperer”  gives a thorough demonstration of a  Renaissance Bass on Bass Guitar Magazine’s YouTube channel.

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Rick in Namm Oral History Archive

written by Eliza

In 2007 Rick was interviewed as a part of  the NAMM Oral History project.
Check out Rick’s interview
and dig through this amazing archive!

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Rick on His Birthday

written by Eliza

The glamorous Lisa Edberg and I stole him away for lunch at Kelly’s:  Birthday cake was Walnut tart cut into thirds,”birthday peace sign”.

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Ravi Shankar’s 90th!

written by Rick Turner

I’m just back from a quick trip down to San Diego having just attended Pandit Ravi Shankar’s 90th birthday party  at the La Costa Spa and Resort, and what a beautiful event it was!   This has been quite the season for musician role models…first Bill Tapia’s 102nd birthday in January , [...]

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In Redwoods

written by Rick Turner

I took a trip last weekend up into West Marin County and then Western Sonoma County to visit my son Ethan’s recording studio…a wonderful place first built in 1976 by Jesse Colin Young.   In 1995 Ethan managed to save the studio from going up in flames in a forest fire that wiped [...]

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Recovering… Slowly

written by lanebaldwin

Greetings from the land of Needsleepistan. The second annual Foodstock Fall Festival is over. While we didn’t make our goal, we still managed to gather a LOT of food and money for the Danville Area Food Pantry. It was a wonderful day, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
I still have a lot of work [...]

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This is going to be a BUSY month!

written by lanebaldwin

Greetings once again from the middle of the country! We’ve been hit by somewhat of a cool spell, which was an unusual way to say goodbye to August. I mean, yesterday morning, I turned on the heat because it was cold when I woke up. It was either break down and kick on the furnace, [...]

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