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Renaissance Bass

4 String Bass | 5 String Bass

These basses provide a rich palette of tones from realistic upright to cutting rock. They deliver a much broader frequency range than traditional basses. Models include 4-string 34" scale and 5-string 35" scale with fretted or fretless fingerboards. Thomastik-Infeld Acousticore strings deliver melodic, punchy tones right down to a thunderous low B. All weighing in at less than 5.5 lbs!

Specifications4 String Bass
Scale Length34"
Nut Width1-1/2"
String Span @ Bridge2-1/2"
Fingerboard Radius16"
Neck DesignBolt-on
Pick-up18V Timberline System
optional electronics
standard woodGloss Cedar top Satin Mahogany b/s